1940s Pin Up Makeup vs Post-Instagram Pin Up Makeup

1940s pin up makeup

A quick look at Pin Up makeup in the 1940s versus today's post-Instagram makeup styles and trends. What is authentic and true to the 40s? Which elements are a reinvention of the Pin Up style using new, current techniques and products?

In the 1940s, other than Hollywood starlets who had professional makeup artists like Max Factor working on their camera-ready faces, the average woman's makeup arsenal did not include the following:

  • Contour powder
  • False eyelashes

The common woman in the 1940s mostly contoured softly with blush or rouge, used lash curlers, mascara, and brow pencils.

For an authentic, useful reference for 1940s makeup and fashion, check out the Glamour Daze Vintage Makeup & Beauty Tutorials.

The post-Instagram pin up might:

  • Have bolder tan-shade contours using contour powder, bronzing powder, and contour sticks.
  • Include the notorious "Instagram Ombre Brow" whereas the original 40s pin up consistently showcased solid brows enhanced with eyebrow pencils, which were typically a shade darker than the natural hair color.
  • Add lashes. With easy access to a plethora of affordable lash styles, the post-IG pin up may incorporate falsies to accentuate their natural lashes and create a slightly or severely more dramatic look.

Pin Up Makeup Tutorial

To watch the Pin Up Makeup Tutorial above by thataylaa click here.

The most popular Bullseye classic lash styles for the "pinup" makeup look:

Joan (#1 best seller for pinup makeup) available in refills and compacts

Amy available in refills and compacts

Bette available in refills and compacts

Lana available in refills and compacts

Leigh available in refills and compacts

Marilyn available in refills and compacts

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For more on Pin-Up Girl hair styles, check out this video by Jackie Wyers.

Pin Up Girl hair

Our favorite modern-day "retro" gal is @iddavanmunster. We enjoy her posts for her exceptional beauty and also for her phenomenally styled photography. These photos provide quite the visual treat for anyone who is looking to be transported to another time and place.

Idda Van Munster

Who is your favorite modern-day Pin Up or retro gal? Please share in the comments section below.

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