False Eyelash Styles That Don't Look "Fake"

Kiss Sultry

Lash technology has come a long way in the last ten years. Manufacturers can now make featherlight synthetic lash fibers, tapered tips, 3D layers, faux mink, flexible, clear lash bands and much more.

Modern-day lashes are contact lens-friendly, can withstand multiple wears (sometimes 20+ wears) and can look like they're actually your own eyelashes. False eyelashes no longer have to look fake or even feel like you're wearing lashes at all.

When selecting and applying lashes for the most natural outcome, we follow a few simple guidelines.

  1. Choose classic, natural-looking lashes. Select shorter, less voluminous styles. Find lashes with a clear, flexible lash band, so you have the option to wear or not wear eyeliner and additional makeup. Tapered ends make false eyelashes look especially like real lashes.
  2. Use clear adhesives that actually dry clear. Try acrylate-based adhesives. They tend to have a blue-white color when applying, but dry entirely clear. Latex-based adhesives tend to dry a little cloudy and will turn white again at the first sign of moisture.

The Bullseye collection contains several classic-type lashes, with the top 10 most natural styles (in no particular order): Taylor, Joss, Cyndi, Greta, Debbie, Fiona, Ingrid, Leigh, Vivien, and Zooey.

Bullseye Taylor Compact

Outside of Bullseye, we're also big fans of the Sultry style from the Kiss Looks So Natural line, which are in single packs and in convenient, money-saving multipacks. All styles in this collection have tapered ends, which means the tip of the lash is tapered, mimicking real lash hairs. 

Beauty blogger, Kristelle, wrote a very detailed review of the Kiss Looks So Natural collection on her blog CrystalCandyMakeup.com

Kiss Sultry Multipack

We also like the House of Lashes style Au Naturale, which are similar to the Bullseye Taylor style lashes. Both the HOL and Bullseye styles sport the clear, invisible lash band. 

HOL Au Naturale

For a shorter version of Bullseye Taylor and HOL Au Naturale, look to ModelRock for their Mini Sunny Sunday style. These lashes are particularly handy for anyone wearing glasses, as the shorter lashes do not hit the lens like some longer lash styles tend to do.

ModelRock Mini Sunny Sunday

Remember, wearing "natural" lashes should not only look natural, but should also feel like you're not wearing lashes at all!

Comment below if you have additional natural lash styles from any brand to add to this list.

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