Bullseye Lashes was founded in 2010 with a few simple goals:

1. To create really consistent lashes, both in style and in quality.

Have you ever bought a pair of lashes where the left lash looks like a distant cousin of the right lash?

We have. We wanted lashes that looked like twins, or at least really similar looking sisters.

We accomplished this by manufacturing in one reliable factory. Even if we had to wait longer for production and pay more per unit, we knew our lashes wouldn't suffer the batch variation issues larger false eyelash companies experienced when manufacturing in multiple different factories.


2. To make wearing lashes more comfortable. 

Most people we've met who have complained that wearing lashes was uncomfortable were 1) wearing the wrong lashes and 2) using the wrong glue. 

By "wrong lashes," we usually mean lashes where the lash band is too stiff or thick. When this happens the lashes tend to pop off, either in the corners or all together. We always opt for a clear, flexible lash band, which ensures your lashes stay on your eyelids comfortably. 

By "wrong glue," we defer to mostly latex-based adhesives.

We recommend acryalte-based adhesives. They are: 1) more water-resistant, 2) have a stronger hold, 3) are significantly less messy (and come with an applicator brush), 4) are great for people allergic to latex, 5) do not make your eyes water (unless you happen to get it in your eye), and 6) do not have that gross fishy smell associated with the latex-based alternatives. 


3. To avoid losing another great pair of lashes.

True story below from more than one person's account:

"Almost every time I have had a great pair of lashes (you know, the ones that were nearly perfectly symmetrical, had a great curve, and somehow stood out above the rest), I would put them on a tissue on my nightstand or on my vanity to "save" them to reuse the next day.

Somehow, before I could get around to properly cleaning them and finding a safe place to store them, they would fly off the tissue and end up on the bottom of a sock, in the carpet, on a chair, wherever. I would spend anywhere between 30 min to an hour on my knees searching for these little buggers until I found them, just to throw them away. I didn't want to risk the embarrassment of the lashes ending up on a guest's foot!"

Please do not wear lashes that have fallen on the ground. It's not worth the potential eye infection (and it's kind of gross, right?)!

We came up with a simple solution of creating a travel-friendly lash compact, which could be easily refilled with new lashes or used to store already worn lashes for future reuse.

I stash a few of these around my house now, one in my nightstand, one in my bathroom drawer, one in my vanity, and one in my purse...'cause you never know!


4. To create classic styles which will remain flattering this year and 50 years from now.

Bullseye's main lash collection consists of simple, timeless classics.

Most of the styles in this collection are flattering to anyone's face and eye shape. Most people can't even tell we're wearing fake eyelashes. 

We may occasionally throw a curveball lash style into the mix, but for the most part, we remain true to the simpler styles, the ones we imagine starlets wore when the public operated under the assumption that they were all simply "naturally beautiful."


And, that's how Bullseye Lashes was born.


G & the Lash Team (with decades upon decades of lash wearing combined)