SIOUXSIE Compact ‘Just a Girl…’
SIOUXSIE Compact ‘Just a Girl…’

SIOUXSIE Compact ‘Just a Girl…’

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The perfect travel companion for every lash wearer, Bullseye ‘Just a Girl…’ refillable compact arrives complete with 1 pair of SIOUXSIE lashes and interior mirror.

SIOUXSIE lashes are full length, moderate to full volume false eyelashes. You won’t need mascara when you wear these lashes. They’re perfect the moment you add them to your natural eyelashes!

Style: Glamour

Especially great for eyeshapes:

  • (All)
  • Small eyes
  • Large eyes
  • Round eyes
  • Deep-set eyes
  • Almond-shaped eyes

Ideal for occasions:

  • Daily use
  • Wedding
  • Prom
  • Performance
  • Club
  • Party
  • Night out
  • Photography

Each package contains: 1 compact, 1 interior mirror, and 1 pair of reusable, 100% natural hair lashes.

Reusable: Refills can be purchased separately from Bullseye’s ‘Just a Girl…’ Lash Refill Collection